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How Much Energy Does An Appliance Use In Standby Mode?

How Much Energy Does An Appliance Use In Standby Mode?


Have you ever wondered how much energy your appliances use in standby mode? Let’s face it – life is expensive. The constant struggle between making money and spending money is one everyone feels on a weekly basis. Luckily, with a good strategy, there are plenty ways to save money. One of them is through your energy use and there are many changes you can make to lower your electricity bill.

What is standby mode?

Standby mode means your device or appliance is not fully switched off even though it might seem to be. It’s simply in low power mode and allows you to quickly turn it on without having to wait for it to reboot completely.

What is standby energy?

Standby energy is the energy drawn down by an appliance when it’s in standby mode. You’ll know it’s in standby when you see the little lights still on, letting you know that not only is it ready for use whenever you’re ready but that it’s still using energy to stay on.

What is passive standby vs active standby?

Passive standby is when an appliance is plugged in but switched off. For example, a microwave that is not in use but displays a digital clock, is on passive standby. Active standby are for things like voice activated smart systems or gaming consoles that require more complex standby sensors or which do checks or updates in the background. They’re on but not in use and use more power than passive standby.

How much energy does an appliance use in standby mode?

When it comes to energy savings, leaving appliances on standby can account for at least ten percent of your electricity bill. This means you’re essentially paying for energy you’re not actually using. Naturally, you can’t switch off all appliances—your fridge, for instance, needs to stay on even if it’s only partially filled. The key is to focus on turning off the appliances that drain the most power when not in use, and those that can be turned off without causing disruption. Read more about what appliances are using up your energy here.

What energy saving tips can I use?

• Turn off appliances or devices at the power point when they’re not in use or if you’re going away on holiday. This simple habit can lead to significant energy savings over time.

• Prioritise energy efficiency when shopping for new appliances. Compare the energy and water ratings of different options to identify the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly choices. Investing in energy-efficient appliances from the outset can result in substantial long-term savings.

• Harness the power of solar energy by embracing solar panels. Not only does this switch save money on electricity bills, but it also contributes to a greener, more sustainable environment. By tapping into the sun’s natural energy, you reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources and lower your carbon footprint.

• Take a closer look at your electricity bill to gain insight into your family’s energy needs and consumption patterns. Understanding your energy usage empowers you to choose the most suitable electricity plan and provider for your household, ultimately optimising your energy expenses.

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Established in 2020, Tropical Solar and Electrical Services is a locally owned and operated company servicing homes & businesses throughout Mackay and surrounding areas including Moranbah, Sarina, Proserpine & Rockhampton.

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