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Is Solar For Renters Worth It?

Is Solar For Renters Worth It?


Are you currently renting and wishing you had solar panels to reduce your electricity bills and environmental footprint? You might be able to persuade your landlord to install solar panels by presenting a compelling argument. If they agree, you’ll be glad you made the effort. As a renter, it can be disheartening to watch homeowners enjoy the benefits of solar energy while you feel powerless to make that change. However, with the right approach, you can make a strong case for solar installation.

First, consider who is paying for the electricity. If your landlord is responsible for the electricity bills, then the argument is straightforward: installing solar panels will significantly reduce their monthly expenses. Highlight the potential savings and how solar panels can lower their overall utility costs. Explain that solar panels can drastically cut their electricity bills, making it a financially wise decision in the long run. Provide some concrete examples or case studies of landlords who have benefited from installing solar panels on their rental properties.

If you are the one paying the electricity bills, which is usually the case for renters, you’ll need to present other compelling reasons to convince your landlord. Emphasise that installing solar panels is a smart investment for the property itself. As a renter, you’re likely not going to stay in the house forever. Either you’ll find another place to live, or your landlord might decide to take back the house for their own use or to sell it. Explain that adding solar panels increases the overall value of the property. Homes with solar installations are more attractive to potential buyers and can command higher prices on the market. Additionally, homes with solar panels are becoming increasingly desirable to renters, who are looking for ways to save on energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

You can pitch the idea by stressing that a house equipped with solar panels is more marketable and competitive. If you decide to move out and the landlord needs new tenants, having solar panels can make the property more appealing, thereby attracting a larger pool of potential renters. Mention that many renters today are environmentally conscious and prefer living in homes with green energy solutions. This can help the landlord fill vacancies faster and maintain a steady stream of rental income.

Furthermore, if your landlord ever decides to move into the house themselves, they will directly benefit from the solar panels. They will save a substantial amount of money on their own electricity bills, making their living expenses more manageable. Additionally, if the landlord plans to sell the property in the future, the presence of solar panels will likely increase the property’s market value and generate more interest from potential buyers. Buyers are often willing to pay a premium for homes with solar installations because of the long-term cost savings on energy bills.

To strengthen your argument, provide your landlord with data on the return on investment for solar panels, the potential increase in property value, and the growing demand for energy-efficient homes. You can also offer to help with the research process, such as finding reputable solar installation companies, gathering quotes, and presenting financing options or incentives available for solar installations.

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Established in 2020, Tropical Solar and Electrical Services is a locally owned and operated company servicing homes and businesses throughout Mackay and surrounding areas including MoranbahSarinaProserpine and Rockhampton. Whether it’s power on the roof or within the property, we’ll ensure it’s running as it should. Get in touch with our electrical experts today for a free quote. We’re available 24/7 for your convenience.

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Established in 2020, Tropical Solar and Electrical Services is a locally owned and operated company servicing homes & businesses throughout Mackay and surrounding areas including Moranbah, Sarina, Proserpine & Rockhampton.

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Stacey Ackley

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Louise Saward

Had Solar panels installed on our roof recently. Great guys to work with. Everything went ahead as scheduled & no fuss at all.
We highly recommend Tropical Solar & Electrical Services.

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Gustaf Erasmus

Great customer service and prompt call out times. Good prices too. I Have used both their electrical and solar services and cannot be happier with both. Highly recommended.


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